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Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: Dentiste toothbrush with varying heights

I recently wrote a post on Where to buy Dentiste toothbrush. Included was the statement that Dentiste toothbrush has varying height and can brush teeth as well as floss at the same time.

As to its function to brush teeth there is no question. However, being able to floss teeth at the same time is questionable which was in my mind before I bought it.

So how well does it floss? From my experience, the toothbrush can floss to a very limited extend. I have experienced that even after brushing the teeth extensively, I could still floss food debris out from between the teeth.

Conclusion: Dentiste toothbrush can only floss to a very limited extend.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

New discount mobile phone store coming to Uptown

Good news for mobile phone enthusiasts, GSTPhone, a discount mobile phone store is coming to Damansara Uptown by August 2017 at 29 Jalan SS21/37. Soon you will be able to buy new mobile phones from GSTphone conveniently without having to travel far.

The new GSTphone store is conveniently located at the most popular road, sharing street front with the new Starling Mall nearby. And parking will not be a problem because if roadside parking bay is full, you can always park at the Starling Mall basement carpark nearby or even the upper floors carparks of the same Starling Mall. There are plenty available car park bays at that mall plus parking the first hour is free.

You can access the Starling Mall basement carpark direct from LDP (between Maybank and Ambank) via a tunnel plus you can exit directly to LDP without having to go to the internal roads of the busy Uptown.

And if you don't like basement carparks, the upper floors carparks of the Starling Mall is accessible direct from Jalan SS21/37.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Review: Grab and Uber X ride hailing, Ipoh

Both Grab and Uber ride sharing are available in Ipoh. Yesterday, I had to take the KTM ETS (Electric Train Service from KL Sentral to Ipoh Railway Station and eventually to Angeline Eye Specialist and Laser Center, 33 Laluan Tasik Timur, Pusat Dagangan Tasik Indah.

The ETS ride itself was very pleasant and fast, very satisfied, especially with the 50% discount for senior citizens. Tried to hail an Grab Car but had some difficulties for some forgotten reason. So opted for Uber X instead.

Uber X swiftly found me a driver and I promptly arrived at Angeline Eye Specialist Center. The fare, a reasonable RM9.70.

After consultation with Dr. Angeline, I needed a ride to Restoran Ipoh Kong Heng @ Old Town Ipoh, a short distance to the Ipoh Train Station.

This time, I decided to try hailing for a Grab car as I have never done it before. It took some time and when the software told me my Grab car has arrived, it was nowhere to be seen. After a brief conversation with the driver, the Grab car eventually arrived.

The trip was uneventful and I eventually arrived at Restoran Ipoh Kong Meng. The fare for the Grab car ride for a similar distance with the Uber car earlier? RM12. RM2.30 more than the Uber ride. That is 24% more, a very significant increase.

Conclusion? In this case it is Uber X beat Grab Car. I would probably stick to Uber the next time.

Location map: Angeline Eye Specialist and Laser Center

Location map: Ipoh Train Station

Car ride from Ipoh Railway Station to Angeline Eye Specialist Center

Sunday, September 10, 2017

New cafe (milk tea) at Uptown

This cafe (milk tea), Cheers Cheese, originating from China and very popular in Hong Kong has opened at 12 Jalan SS21/35 and its interior is beautifully decorated and neat. Just look at some of the photos below (unfortunately my phone camera wasn't up to the task and didn't depict their the beauty of their interior in true color:

Cheers Chees at Damansara Uptown front
Cheers Cheese front entrance

cheers cheese mezannine floor
Cheers Cheese mezzanine floor

cheers cheese mezannine floor showing balcony
Cheers Cheese mezzanine floor showing balcony

cheers cheese balcony
Cheers Cheese Balcony (assumed smoking area)

cheers cheese wash up area
Cheers Cheese wash up area

oBike at LDP bus stop, Damansara Utama

On my way to my car parked near Damansara Utama Secondary School, I spotted an oBike left near the bus stop on LDP Expressway near the pedestrian bridge over at Damansara Kim side.

oBike at bus stop, LDP Damansara Utama

How convenient for those getting down from the bus to hire bike to ride home, or to get to the bus stop.

I have seen oBikes left all over Uptown, so ride sharing in Uptown must be getting very popular. Glad that this is so for I would love everyone to take public transport (which to me includes riding a bike and bike sharing). So much better for the environment.

Where to buy Dentiste toothbrush (oral care products)

My old toothbrush is way past the throwaway date and I needed a new toothbrush. I usually buy my toothbrush at the Giant Hypermarket where I normally buy a package of 3 or more. However, the Giant Hypermarket that I normally go to near Kelana Jaya which offers free parking has downsized and has started collecting parking fee.

Incidentally, I wanted to check out BookXcess which sells new overprint is located at the Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara, my usual haunt so to Uptown I go.

My daughter, whenever she comes to Petaling Jaya, will go to AA Pharmacy to stock up on medicine and health supplements because she is the opinion AA Pharmacy gives the cheapest price. So to AA Pharmacy, I went.

There, I spotted a new (to me) toothbrush brand - Dentiste. And the pack of 3 says that toothbrush has thin bristles of varying height which can get into the spaces between the teeth and so you can brush and floss your teeth while simultaneously.

Dentiste toothbrush pack of 3
Dentiste Toothbrush pack of 3
Huh, that is interesting and the lazy me will always want to save time and multi-task. So Dentiste toothbrush it is. The price?

I had wanted to upload a photo of that pack of Dentiste toothbrush but I had problems with the phone data transfer cable so had to go Digital Mall to buy a new data transfer cable for the phone. By the time I started writing this post, I can only remember the price was RM24.99. I asked the cashier for discount, telling him AA Pharmacy gives the cheapest price of all pharmacy.

But no, reasonable price the cashier said. So now in my memory bank, AA Pharmacy has been downgraded to the pharmacy giving reasonable price, no more cheapest price.

Free Health Check-up by 3D Human Disease Prediction System

Venue: Rezing Pharmacy, Jalan SS21/37
Date: 11th September 2017
Time: 10pm - 1pm
Tel: 03-7710 4092

Overall health check up with emphasis on cardiovascular diseases
Organized by Zenotec Pharma Sdn. Bhd.

Location map: Rezing Pharmacy @ Uptown

Review: Dentiste toothbrush with varying heights

I recently wrote a post on Where to buy Dentiste toothbrush. Included was the statement that Dentiste toothbrush has varying height and can ...