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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art Exhibition: Metamorphosis by Ming Tan

Opening night: 16th December 2016: 8pm to 11pm
17th to 20th December: 3pm - 9pm
Location map


In Metamorphosis we explore transcendence, imagination and universality through the sublime metamorphosed creations of Ming Tan.Through her seemingly alchemical process Ming Tan's creations were once discarded egg cartons, stripped of all their previous functionality and reshaped into lyrical and fluid forms.

At first sight these forms appear to be archeological specimens of ruined pottery or artefacts, however a second look reveals its contemporary origins. Being fabricated through a process of transmutation from everyday materials, the sculptural forms communicate to us the universal aspect of an artwork's ability to evoke feelings of timelessness making these contemporary pieces exude tranquility.

Bearing in mind the hall marks of the work of Ming Tan. It is pertinent for us to notice that her oeuvre enlightens us about looking at discarded materials and everyday objects in a different light. Taking as an example her work on her own home which was appropriated from a semi abandoned apartment building into a sleek modernist family home demonstrates her commitment and faith towards our capacity to dream and imagine possibilities.

Her ability to open subjects into realms of abstraction to reimagine space and objects shows us that the discarded, vulnerable and forgotten can be transformed, reanimated and reintroduced back to our world as lyrical abstractions of sublime beauty and evocative strength.

James Ly
Founder & Curator
Minut Init Art Social


Ming Tan, an artist in her 60s, but a modern contemporary artist who expresses herself in vibrant, bright colours, Ming migrated from China to Malaysia at an early age. Growing up, she quickly realised that she had both talent and passion for all things design, and by her 20’s had graduated from RMIT Melbourne, with a BA in Graphic Design.

A former lecturer at MIA (Malaysian Institute of Art), Ming continued her journey into the creative world with the formation of her own advertising company, SEARS. Following that, she returned to Australia in 1987 to care for her sons, keeping in touch with her creative side by dabbling in all forms of mediums when she found time. Ming continued to work on her art, using her experiences and outlook on life as inspiration.

Ming has since returned home to Kuala Lumpur and has continued to work on her art. A favourite amongst local collectors, she believes that art should be available for all to enjoy and intends to price her work accordingly so.

Her latest achievement has been the sale of her artwork to Mid Valley properties to be displayed in the foyer of Northpoint and Southpoint, the group's latest showcase.


Minut Init Art Social
29A & 29B Jalan SS 21/37
Uptown Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: (+6) 03 74995895 - Headquarters
(+6) 017 644 6202 - Dali, (+6) 019 697 8897 - James Ly
(+6) 012 338 2280 - Jon, (+6) 012 717 6220 - Ikmal
(+6) 012 310 0884 - Quek, (+6) 012 362 3380 - N. Abraham

Location map

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Uncle David (King Pokemon of Damansara at Uptown)

If you go to the 5 foot way at HSBC Damansara Uptown, Jalan SS21/37, you will see a lonely old man selling children toys. At one point I heard that he was doing that to help support his son's education and later I heard he was suffering from cancer and needs funds for his cancer treatment. It seems his name is Uncle David but now also known as the Pokemon King of Damansara Uptown. Google "Uncle Pokemon Uptown" and you will find his stories.

Whatever, it seems he was left in the lurch by someone who ordered 250 toys but eventually didn't turn up to collect his order. But someone heard of his predicaments and wrote about it in the social media. It went viral and a horde of kind people descended to his humble roadside stall and the toys just flew off "the shelves" (actually, there is no shelve but displayed on the 5 foot way).

Uncle David uncle pokemon rescued by netizens

Breakfast at Wan Xiang Noodles Chinese Restaurant

Wan Xiang Noodles Chinese Restaurant is located at the relatively quiet Jalan SS21/56B and that particular shoplot had seen a few changes over the years. Wan Xiang Noodles ambience (interior) is just like a typical Chinese coffee shop with simple wooden tables and chairs:

This morning I decided to take my breakfast there and ordered their Konlo Mee (Dry Noodles) with pork meat and offals.

Wan Xiang Noodles Konlo Mee

Verdict: I am not much of a foodie but I would rate it as good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Faulty car parking meters in Uptown Damansara

A motorist who was visiting Uptown Damansara for an appointment was disappointed on being fined for the parking offence of no fault of his. If you are facing the same issue, refers to the Malaysia Digest: Why Is MBPJ Issuing Fines To Motorists When Parking Meters Are Faulty? (

MBPJ offered a solution to members of the public when faced with similar issues:

According to Zainun, if there are faulty parking meters, motorists should file their complaints through MBPJ and following these steps – specifying the serial number of the machine along with its exact location, to ease the process of taking the next necessary actions.

Zainun further added that an agreement has been made between the council and the operator to provide maintenance to the parking meters.

“If the parking meters are faulty, the operator will have to fix it and send a report to us. Usually, during the process of fixing the faulty machines, we will not issue compounds to motorists,” she clarified

Zainun also questioned the authenticity of such claims going around about the faulty parking meters adding, “If there is a problem, the complainants should provide us with proof.”

When asked the frequency of the maintenance checks for the parking meters by Godell, Zainun responded that checks are handled by a different department.

Nevertheless, she assures following the complaints received by the council with regards to the faulty parking meters, the council will engage Godell to resolve these issues.

“Should we receive complaints about faulty parking meters, MBPJ will ask Godell to conduct an investigation and repair these machines, then send a report to us,” she concluded.

While we hope MBPJ is constantly on its operator’s toes to resolve the issue that is inconveniencing the public, we hope the public will also do their part in lodging official complaints addressed to the council to ensure that the right enforcement will take place effectively.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

New fusion restaurant at Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama

The Skippys Pizza Restaurant got a good write up today at the Star newspaper, Skipping into niche market brings success. Apparently the restaurant started first as a food delivery, then when it got popular they started a restaurant at Phileo Damansara and started the Uptown branch in December 2015.

Dinner at BBQ MA EUL KOREAN Restaurant

Had dinner at BBQ MA EUL KOREAN Restaurant last weekend. Large crowd, looks very popular, had to queue for a table. Had one of their barbecue set, forgot what. Forgot to take photos. Wished I had. Wanted to show the burned meat. Opinions says burnt meat is not healthy, carcinogenic. Would I visit again. I think no despite the apparent popularity. But may go again for the kim chee. Apparently you can ask for refill.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nasi Tanpa Lemak at My Mum's Kitchen

We Malaysians all know what is Nasi Lemak, rice with coconut milk (santan or more specifically, fat) and it touted as an unhealthy meal with people labeling it as cholesterol laden. So have you heard of Nasi Tanpa Lemak (rice without santan)? You can get it at My Mum's Kitchen.

The piece of chicken I got was drumstick and the rice is brown rice. Pretty healthy I would say. Not many restaurant serves brown rice. Here is a photo of Nasi Tanpa Lemak (apologies, had a spoonful of rice only then did I remembered to take a photo):

Mum's Kitchen Nasi Tanpa Lemak

So how was the Nasi Tanpa Lemak? Pretty good I would say. And my co-diners opinion? Good. Worth a second or even third visit.

Here is a photo of Nasi Tanpa Lemak with Fried Chicken on a big big plate:

My Mum's Kitchen Nasi Tanpa Lemak ayam goreng
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