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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Good crowd at Restaurant Yu Noodles

Restaurant Yu Noodles opened not too long ago in Damansara Uptown and its facade is "unmissible" with a shelve filled with large wine jar:
restaurant yu noodles facade with large wine jars

The restaurant seemed very popular as when we went there, there was a sizable crowd:

restaurant yu noodles evening crowd

Placed at every table is a smaller wine jar containing wine that was meant to be poured into the noodles and that was supposed to enhance the taste. I poured a large quantity of wine into my bowl of noodles but didn't find the taste much different from when there was no wine in the noodles:

restaurant yu noodles small wine jar

Ford GoBike: Bike sharing in California

Chanced upon the Ford GoBike which is bike sharing as practiced in USA. Unlike the OBike bike sharing for which you do not need to lock the bike at bike parking hub here in Malaysia, the Ford GoBike require you to lock the shared bike at specific parking hub as seen in the photo:

Ford GoBike parking hub

No car parking problems at Uptown Damansara

Car park bays are aplenty in Uptown Damansara provided you are prepared to park a little bit further away and walk or take the free Uptown shuttle vans to your destination. To make it even easier, there are electronic signboards placed at strategic locations around Uptown which will tell you how many available car park bays at various location. See photo below:
Carpark availability signboard
Entrance to Starling Mall upper floors carparks
Starling Mall upper floors rates display board

Damansara Uptown car park availability signboard

Just for example, the signboard says that there are altogether990 empty car park bays at the Starling Mall together with many available car park bays at Uptown 1, Uptown 2, Uptown 7 and in a few years time, you can also park at the upcoming Uptown 8 office block next to Starling.

If you want to park at the upper floors Starling Mall car park, the entrance is directly opposite (Uptown 37 HSBC Bank) along Jalan SS21/37. The photos below shows the entrance:

entrance to upper floors car parks at Starling Mall Uptown

entrance to upper floors car park Starling Mall

The parking rates for the Starling Mall upper floors carpark display photo below shows that:
First hour: free
2nd & 3rd hour: RM1 per hour
4th hour and above: RM2 per hour
Lost ticket penalty: RM50
Clamping penalty: RM50
Grace period: 15 minutes

Starling mall upper floors carparks rates display board

Starling Mall Chirp Park

The Starling Mall at Uptown contains not only shop lots and cinema for business. There are also green parks for relaxing. The Starling Mall parks are located at the ground floor and also another at the top floor accessible from MBO Cinemas.

Starling Mall Chirp Park

Premier Parking at Starling Mall

If you want to be assured of finding a car park bay plus convenience of being nearest to the Starling Mall ground floor, park at Premier Parking Uptown 7, entrance from Jalan SS21/39.

Parking rates are RM3 for the 1st hour and RM2 for every subsequent hour.

Starling Mall premier parking entrance from Uptown 7

Another alternative is Basement 1 Premier Parking at Starling Mall, entrance from LDP via tunnel between Maybank and Arab Malaysia Bank.

Parking rates are RM3 for the 1st 2 hours and RM2 for every subsequent hour. Search for the boom gate at the entrance of the Premier Parking section, see photo below:

Starling Mall Premier parking entrance

If you want even greater convenience, use Valet Parking at Starling Mall. Parking rates are RM10 for the 1s for every subsequent hour.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

How to submit feedback to Google Home team

I was given a free Google Home Mini by Google but it is still early days and GHM is unfortunately not always able to answer my questions or requests, responding with "Sorry, I can't help you with that".

I want to train my Google Assistant to be smarter by telling it whether it has provided a good response to my questions or request. That is how AI (artificial intelligence) works isn't it?

I was told via real time chat at Google Home Help that we can submit feedback via GHM by telling it that "Hey Google, I want to submit feedback" and it will give us 90 seconds to do so.

However, it never allow me sufficient time, resuming music before I could finish way before 90 seconds is up. Found out that it was because it was in the midst of playing music when I wanted to submit feedback.

Stopped the music and this time, I could submit feedback before the 90 seconds was up.

Jazz music on Spotify with Google Home Mini in Malaysia

My earlier post regarding the Google Home Mini was Cook with Google Home Mini in Malaysia. Obviously there are lots more thing you can do with GHM and one of them is to listen to music.

One is Google Music Free. However I found the range of music with GMF is pretty limited. Another is Spotify. It is quite easy to install Spotify. You can also get Spotify Free. Here are the steps

Download and open the Google Home app.
Tap the menu in the top-left corner.
Tap Account preferences.
Tap Linked media accounts.
Select Spotify and tap Link Account, then Log in to Spotify. ...
Log in using your Spotify account details.
Tap OKAY to confirm.

Once installed you will find a much wider choice of music as compared to Google Music Free. You can request for music by singer, by genre, etc. I just requested for songs by Simon and Garfunkel. - Hey Google, play Simon and Garfunkel songs.

With Google Music Free I always get - cannot find etc.

Update: I only have a free Spotify account. So when I asked for a specific artist (eg song by Elvis Presley) it gave another instead (eg song by Monkees). Was told by Support that with a free Spotify account, we can only request for music, not specific musicians. To ask for specific song or specific album or song by specific artist, we need a paid account :-(

Good crowd at Restaurant Yu Noodles

Restaurant Yu Noodles opened not too long ago in Damansara Uptown and its facade is "unmissible" with a shelve filled with large ...