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Monday, June 18, 2018

See Hoy Chan and 4 storey shoplots in Damansara Uptown

How many of the 394 4 storey shop-offices in Damansara Uptown business hub does See Hoy Chan owns in addition of the multi-storey office towers (other than TH Damansara which had been sold to Tabung Haji), Uptown 7 (multi-storey carpark), the upcoming Uptown 8 office tower?

According to the Edge Property, See Hoy Chan currently owns 53 of the 394 (12.5%) 4 storey shop-offices in Uptown Damansara.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

See Hoy Chan & Uptown going for listing?

Paramount Gardens, See Hoy Chan and Bandar Utama are all owned by the scions of the late China born Teo Soo Cheng (but all are independent of each other with no one of the 3 companies owing share of the other 2. Paramount Gardens is already listed on the KLSE so it is no surprise that there other 2 may including SHCSB want to list theirs as well.

So it was no surprise when there were rumors that speculated SHCSB may w`ant to go for listing on the KLSE when the whole of Damansara Uptown is fully developed. Is now the time when the last plot of empty land is being developed into Uptown 8, an office tower?

If news of this new update on See Hoy Chan and Uptown Damansara as reported in is accurate then this SHCSB will soon become a reality:

It had been reported that See Hoy Chan is seeking a senior REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) manager to spearhead the listing of See Hoy Chan properties into a REIT on Bursar Malaysia.

Will that come to pass? Only time will tell but I am guessing that will be a reality soon as SHCSB already have enough assets to justify a listing.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Opportunities, Scholarships

Seeking scholarships? Here is a list of opportunities you can try: If you have friends or relatives going for further studies, tell them about this.

1. Australia Award Scholarship (

2. LPDP Scholarsh hip (

3. DIKTI Scholarship
a. Dalam Negeri (
b. Luar Negeri (http://beasis

4. Turkey Government Scholarship (

5. General Cultural Scholarship India (

6. USA Government Scholarship a. ( (

7. Netherland Government Scholarship (

8. Korean Government Scholarship (…)

9. Belgium Government Scholarship (

10. Israel ... ... xxx

11. Sciences Po France (…/the-emile-boutmy-scholars…)

12. Utrecht University Netherland (…/grantsandscholarships/Pages/utrechtexcel…)

13. Prasetya Mulya Business School Indonesia (

14. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship (

15. Monbugakusho Scholarship Japan (

16. Paramadin ba University Master Fellowship Indonesia (…/paramadina-medco-fell…)

17. PPM School of Management Indonesia (

18. University of Twente Netherland (…/scholarshipsandgrants/…/)

19. Sweden Government Scholarship (

20. Chinese Government Scholarship (…)

21. Taiwan Government Scholarship (
22. United Kingdom Government SCholarship (

23. Panasonic Scholarship Japan (…/scholarships/…/requirements/)

24. Ancora Foundation Scholarship (

25. Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship Japan (

26. AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship (

27. Art Asia Major Scholarship Korea National University of Arts (…)

28. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan (

29. Seoul National University Korea (…/gradu…/scholarships/before-application)

30. DIKTIS Overseas Scholarship (

31. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan (

32. IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (…)

33. International HIV & Drug Use Fellowship USA (

34. Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Japan (

35. School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia (

36. Inpex Scholarship Foundation Japan

37. Asia University Taiwan (

38. Macquaire University Australia (…/macquarie_university_international_…/ .

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starling birds murmuration - reasons for Starling Mall name.

Starling birds are little social songbirds which tend to flock together. See Hoy Chan, the developer of the Starling Mall wants their boutique mall to be a place for

Because wants people (which are also social creatures) gather together, they have created lots of open air parks with grass and trees at both ground floor as well as the top floor where MBO cinema is located. See Hoy Chan, the developer, called their parks the Chirp Park.

The Uptown Secret Garden's koi pond had been filled up and now feature an open stage with grassland for people to gather for events.

BTW it is very interesting to see how starling birds fly together in murmuration (flock) and below I will embed a video which I initially obtained from a Whatsapp chat which was then uploaded to Youtube plus some "no known copyright restrictions" photos from Flickr showing the starling bird as well as murmuration (flock):

No... these aren't storm clouds.
They are tiny songbirds known as starlings.
Starlings flock together in thousands.
Their shifting movements are called "murmurations".
How can they fly so close without bumping into each others?
It's a mysterious miracle!
The mystery has fascinated scientists in many fields.
Biologists, physicists, and engineers have all tried to solve the problem.
One theory is that individuals birds follow their neighbors' lead
There are nearly 120 species of starlings.
You can find multiple starling species within the same murmuration.
During murmuration, starlings are constantly on the move.
The unpredictablility of their shapes is a mesmerizing phenomenon.

Producer: Lauren Sharmo
Video Source: Reuters.

starling bird

Starling murmuration or flock

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Check your financial status online - ecchris

The ccris (Central Credit Reference Information System) is a report compiled by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) which you can get in printed form by visiting the ccris kiosk at Bank Negara Malaysia. You insert your Identity Card into the kiosk, and then your thumbprint when prompted, and the hard copy ccris report will be spit out from the kiosk for you to take home.

However, you need to be physically present at any Bank Negara Malaysia office to be able to do that. That was in the past

Now, you can get your ccris report online from anywhere in the world. But first you have to register at Bank Negara Malaysia first tot get a PIN (Personal Indentification Number).

1. Walk-in to any Bank Negara Malaysia office or Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) branch nationwide to perform a one-time registration.

2. At the CCRIS kiosk, individuals will need to verify their identity using MyKad, and register a valid mobile phone number. For businesses, an authorisation letter and company registration certificates are required for an authorised person to register on behalf of the company.

3. A 6-digit PIN will be sent to the registered mobile phone number.

4. Users are required to key in their MyKad number and 6-digit PIN for first-time login at

5. The user will then be required to (i) set preferred user ID and password, (ii) select personal security image and phrase, and (iii) set three security questions and answers.

The minimum number of alphanumeric characters is 10, no maximum. And if you believe the lady who answered the phone when I called, the other requirements for the password is on BNM website itself (which I couldn't find at time of checking.

Income tax e-filing dates

It is the time of the year again to file your income tax return form to the Malaysia Inland Revenue Department (Jabatan Hasil Dalam Negeari Malaysia) for the year 2917.

The easiest way to file is via e-filing by going to ezHasil and log in. Register first if you have not already done so.

It is good to do it early, but the earliest you can do that is on 1st March 2018 and you wouldn't be able to get the BE form for 2017 if you go earlier than that.

BE form for those without business income will have to file latest by 30th April 2018. However, ever since the introduction of e-filing, Hasil has extended by 15 days for those who submit their income tax return form via e-filing so it is LIKELY that the cut-off date for this year will be 15th May. But don't take my word for it. Hasil has never ever inform the public of that extended date till almost the last minute so it is still wiser to do it latest by 30th April if you can.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Susanna Koh at Starling Mall, 23 - 25 February

Susanna Koh will be at her stall in Paradigm today. Please do a small part in buying some items from her. She is the wife of missing Pastor Raymond Koh.

She will be in Starling Mall from 23-25th Feb. Please circulate your friends 2 give her some support. This is the least we can do for her.

suzanna koh costume jewellry stall

See Hoy Chan and 4 storey shoplots in Damansara Uptown

How many of the 394 4 storey shop-offices in Damansara Uptown business hub does See Hoy Chan owns in addition of the multi-storey office tow...