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Thursday, November 21, 2019

KEMPEN KEBERSIHAN di SS21 Damansara Uptown

Cleanliness campaign SS21 Damansara Uptown

📆 Tarikh : 23 November 2019

⏰ Masa : 9.00 pagi - 11.00 pagi

🏃🏽 Aktiviti : Gotong - royong mengutip sampah dan mengedar risalah Kempen Kebersihan kepada semua premis kedai

📌 Aturcara program
▪9.00 pg : Berkumpul di hadapan Uptown 37 , Jln SS21/37
▪9.10 pg : Ucapan dan briefing ringkas dari wakil MBPJ / DUBA
▪9.15 pg : Aktiviti gotong - royong mengutip sampah dan mengedar risalah Kempen Kebersihan kepada semua premis kedai bermula
▪11.00 pg : Berkumpul dan jamuan ringan di depan Uptown 7 hawker center
▪11.15 pg : Program tamat. Bersurai

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Golf and travel exhibition in Starling Mall

The ParGolf Travel & Lifestyle Expo will be hosted in Starling Mall from 6th to 8th of March 2020 which will bring together exhibitors from golf, travel and lifestyle industries. More details below:

The inaugural ParGolf Travel & Lifestyle Expo will break new ground when it takes place on March 6-8, 2020, at the
Starling mall in Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya.

Organised by Write Track Publishing & Communications (WTPC), the owners of leading golf media ParGolf, the threeday
expo will bring together exhibitors from the golf, travel and lifestyle industries under one roof for the first time in

“We aim to make the ParGolf Travel & Lifestye Expo the foremost show of its kind in Malaysia. The expo will provide an
avenue for golf clubs from around the region as well as companies from the travel industry and lifestyle brands to reach
their target markets in a convenient and fun environment,” noted Terrence Loh, managing director of WTPC.

“The Starling mall is the ideal venue for the expo as it is located in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the Klang
Valley, with many golf clubs just a short drive away,” he added.

The ParGolf Travel & Lifestyle Expo will furnish a one-stop experience for golfers to view and purchase the best golfing
deals, holiday packages and club memberships directly from golf clubs in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. In
addition, the expo will also provide an avenue for non-golfers who are interested in taking up the game to find out more
about lessons, equipment and alternatives to club memberships.

Developed by See Hoy Chan Sdn Bhd, the Starling is located in the thriving hub of Damansara Uptown in Petaling Jaya.
Named after the gregarious Starling bird, the mall has a lushly-landscaped park on the ground floor and a Sky Park on the
rooftop, earning it the tagline of ‘The Mall in a Park’.

Inside, the five-storey mall boasts nature-inspired design that play on birdlife and park themes, along with architectural
features that optimise natural lighting, thus making it an ideal place for families to meet, interact and relax.

In addition to a host of retail outlets, the Starling also offers various F&B outlets with enticing alfresco spaces and great
views of the park. The major anchor tenants are MBO Cineplex, supermarket chain Jaya Grocer and home improvement
store SSF, while other outlets include ACE Hardware, Padini Concept Store, Brands Outlet, Nichii & Kitschen, ESH,
Daiso, Chi-X, Popular, Tang Room, Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai and Original Classic.

For more information, contact Write Track Publishing & Communications at Tel: 03-7987 1889 /

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ryde Carpooling for Uptown?

News has emerged that Singapore carpooling service Ryde may soon be available for Malaysia, and obviously netizens of uptown, especially for long term netizens like uptown office workers. Office workers who drive to uptown early morning and hog the roadside parking bays are a bane for occasional visitors who will then be unable to find a convenient roadside car park bay.

With this Ryde carpooling let us hope that this lack of roadside parking bane will be abolished hopefully.

Read more at theStar Singapore's Ryde carpooling service to launch here in November 1 2019

A new not-for-profit carpooling company, Ryde, is planning to roll out its service on Malaysian roads starting Nov 1.

Its founder and chief executive officer Terence Zou says unlike e-hailing service or taxis, the RydePool service aims to encourage carpooling as a communal and eco-friendly activity, rather than as a profession.

“Payments to the driver are to defray their costs. The sum is actually below the trip cost, unlike a taxi which is above the cost of the trip,” he said.

Rather than a fixed fare, the app will recommend an amount that will help cover the driver’s costs for the trip, taking into account the distance travelled, petrol, toll and car depreciation cost.

Asked if drivers will require a Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) license, as mandated for e-hailing services, Zou believes it is not necessary as the carpooling platform is not for profit here.

He adds that in Singapore, there is a distinction made between carpooling and ride hire services, with only the latter required to get an equivalent of a PSV license.

The company, founded in Singapore in 2015, takes its not-for-profit stance one step further there, allowing drivers to only pick up passengers twice a day, as to not make it a business.

He says the company makes a point to engage local authorities for advice, however it has not started discussions with the Transport Ministry.

During the launch, Zou revealed that several hundred users have downloaded the driver’s app, and the company will begin processing the registrations soon.

He targets to reach 5,000 drivers by the end of year. Singapore currently has 25,000 registered drivers.

To register as a driver, users will have to submit their identification card, contact number, driving license, profile photo, car registration details and photo to Ryde for verification.

Passengers, who will have to use a separate app, will have to submit their profile photo and contact number

Zou says there are plans to expand to Johor, Penang and Melaka. An interstate version, RideCity, is also in the pipeline.

The app uses geo-location technology to match drivers and commuters, and users are encouraged to book in advance to stand a higher chance of getting a driver with the same schedule.

Once matched with a driver, users can save the person’s info for future bookings. Future matches will depend on if the driver is using the same route.

Both parties can cancel without a penalty. However, they are rated based on cancellation rates – anyone exceeding 20% will be suspended.

Driver and passengers will also be able to file complaints and are encouraged to rate each other after a drive, as this will help the company weed out bad users.

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Whale Tea @ Damansara Uptown Opening & Special Offer

The Whale Bubble Tea store will officially open on 28th September 2019 and there will be special offer at 50% discount for 3 days from 28th to 30th September 2019.

Bubble Tea store
29 Jalan SS21/37
47400 Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7495 9899
Opens 28 September 2019
Lion dance at 2.15PM
Special offer: 50%

Location map: The Whale Tea @ Damansara Uptown

The whale tea bubble tea store damansara utama

Thursday, September 5, 2019

V-Assist disabled friendly transportation

ViAssist provide 24-hours disabled friendly transportation and also any special requests or even an assistant if required.

--Jeeyam Mahrren Grab: Call to enqire: 017-353 0869 - JM

Jeeyam Mahrren Grab: Available 24 Hours

Hospital visiting, Grooming service, running errants, day/night /Full day care
Paying bills, shopping, marketing

ADL (Assisted Daily Living)
1. Eating.
2.Functional Mobility
3. Dressing
4. Bathing & Showering
5. Personal Hygiene
6. Toilet Hygiene

IADLS (Instrumental Activities)
1. Cleaning & Home maintenance
2. Cooking, preparing meals
3. Shopping
4. Running Errands
5. Managing Finance
6. Communication
7. Medication, Hospital

OKU transport

diabled friendly transportation

disabled friendly transportation

disabled friendly transportation

disabled friendly transportation

Monday, June 24, 2019

Coffee Ritual by Jin Yi (uptown) experience

Don't know why but suddenly had the urge to try brew own coffee. Had been drinking Nescafe all along but heard that it may not be healthy as one does not know what kind of chemicals Nestle might have added to the mix. As I often go to Damansara Uptown, I decided to check out Coffee Ritual (Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual). It was easy to find as when one first come out from the back entrance of the Starling Mall, right in front you would see Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual:

Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual as seen from Starling mall back entrance

At the staircase entrance, walk up 1 floor to the mezzanine floor. I was met by a very friendly lady - Hoh Ee Mei. I needed a coffee grinder and she recommended the Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus Coffee Grinder:

Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

I told her I will be using a french press and she told me the proper grind size of the coffee powder should be coarse. Plus she helped me set the coffee grinder to the coarse setting. Ee Mei also taught me the proper way to brew coffee including the correct temperature of the water. So I decided to buy a thermometer as well. She recommended the Cafede Kona Analog Thermometer 9121:

Cafede Kona Analog Thermometer 9121

Conclusion: My experience at Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual is very pleasant, very positive. Plus if you want a very good cup of coffee, Coffee Ritual is also a good place to get it.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Floover Loose Lay anti-skid vinyl tiles from Flortek

My house living-dining room tiles uses polished ceramic tiles which is very slippery when wet. Our maid mopped the floor so the floor was wet. I slipped and fell and that was when I decided to do something. My initial step is to buy a WET FLOOR sign to warn people when the floor is wet and slippery. However, I want to go one better - search for anti-slip vinyl tiles solution and I found it in FLOOVER anti-slip vinyl tiles.

The good thing about Floover Loose lay anti-skid vinyl tiles is that it only need a flat surface and are not glued to the floor. We have a bad experience where our tenant installed carpet on the staircase without asking our permission. And when they left, the carpet was removed and it left behind ugly glue remnants spots which are impossible to remove completely and we likely will also install anti-slip vinyl tiles with aluminium step nosing on the staircase.

For our home, we installed Floover loose lay anti-slip vinyl tiles from Flortek

The sales person Choy was very professional and they did a good job including providing support. Our only minor irritation is our living room faces the rising sun so we had to pull down the blinds to cut off the sunlight as the UV light may cause color fading. However we were told it is a minor problem as the fading would only be slight.

However, because our windows are not well protected from the rain, each time it rain we had to close the windows. My fear is the if the floor is wet, capillary action my cause the rainwater to seep to below the vinyl tiles. Our concerns were also lessened when Choy says the gap is very tight so this would be a minor problem.

We had a small problem - we had different color for the steps but the topmost vertical step tile color was matched with the landing floor and not the rest of the step. We asked for this to be corrected and Choy kindly consented and helped us change. Plus provided us a few spare vinyl tiles as spare for the future.

KEMPEN KEBERSIHAN di SS21 Damansara Uptown

Cleanliness campaign SS21 Damansara Uptown 📆 Tarikh : 23 November 2019 ⏰ Masa : 9.00 pagi - 11.00 pagi 🏃🏽 Aktiviti : Gotong - royon...