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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cash Machine Hong Leong Bank etc - review

Had a scare yesterday (Sunday) when we banked in some cash via Hong Leong Bank (Damansara Uptown branch) cash machine. Like previous, some notes were repeatedly rejected and had to be fed into the machine multiple times. But that wasn't the scare.

The big scare was when finally all the notes were accepted and we click CONFIRM to finish the transaction but unlike previous times, this time the cash machine did not spit out a receipt. However, we were comforted by the sight of a few CCTV's on the ceiling so the bank probably had a video of the transaction recorded.

It was Sunday and we had to wait till this morning (Monday) to go check with the bank. On enquiry it was confirmed that the cash had been credited to the loan account. On being questioned why the cash machine did not print out a receipt, the counter clerk said it was because the machine had run out of receipts. However, rather than just displaying a THANK YOU message, we ventured that what the machine should do is to display a message that the machine run out of receipts so that whoever are confronted with such situation would at least be less worried. In fact, rather than presenting such problems to users of cash machine, on running out of receipt papers to print, the machine should display a message on its video screen that it has no more receipt papers to print receipts so that users have a choice whether to proceed or not.

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