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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food review: TKH Chicken Rice

Decided to try out this relatively new TKH Chicken Rice Restaurant. On offer specifically today was Kueh Tiau soup with meatballs or something but decided to go for their chicken rice since they call themself a chicken rice restaurant. I ordered chicken rice with chicken drumstick.
TKH Chicken Rice

The chicken was nicely deboned and cooked just right, not undercooked or overcooked so was smooth and tender. Not only that, they provided what looked and tasted like finely mashed ginger with oil plus chilli which add to the flavour of the chicken.

The rice? Before I decided to try them out I had specifically ased if the "oil" they used to cook the rice is margerine or real chicken "oil" like most chicken rice around town. (Hainanese chicken rice is cooked by boiling chicken in water and the water then used to cook the rice but because it is laborous and time consuming, most just used margerine as a poor substitute).

While enjoying the chicken rice, I noticed this notice pasted on the wall: "Special lunch service 11am - 3pm Free refill soup, please help yourself"

TKH chicken rice free soup refill lunch offer

Although it was way past 3pm already, they were kind enough to refill another bowl for me. The soup was tasty and sweet.

The price - RM6.80 which was RM1 more because I chose chicken thigh (drumstick) in lieu of other chicken parts.

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