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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My eye experience at Malaya Optical

Malaya Optical Optometrist

My eye examination at Malaya Optical, Damansara Uptown (Utama) was a new eye experience. All my previous eye examination were done by an optician who only checked for myopia (long-sightedness) and presbyopia (short sightedness). However, the eye examination at Malaya Optical were done with a series of instruments which I was told each costs RM60K to RM100K+

Eye internal pressure examination
Retina examination for cataract
Lens examination
Standard Myopia & Presbyopia examination

Eye internal pressure examination

This is a non-contact examination uses a blast of air against the eye to measure the internal pressure of the eyeball. Reading found to be within the normal range. Reading above the normal range will indicate glaucoma and would be referred to doctors for treatment. Untreated glaucoma can lead to blindness.

Retina Examination

This is an examination of the conditions of the retina of the 2 eyeballs. People suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, their conditions will cause abnormal retina to be detected

right retina

left retina

Lens examination for cataract

Lenses found to be clear with no sign of cataract.

Standard Myopia and Presbyopia examination

These are standard tests which is about the same as it would be by any optician.

Malaya Optical Brandlaureate 2010

Here is a certificate for Malaya Optical getting the Brandlaureate for SMEs for the year 2010

Brandlaureate 2010 for Malaya Optical

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