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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Proposed solution to Damansara Uptown parking woes

Damansara Uptown has a parking problems which is mainly caused by office workers occupying the roadside parking bays from early morning to evening leaving very little vacant roadside parking bays for casual parking bays during the normal business hours. See Office workers hogging roadside parking in Damansara Uptown. If office workers can park at the multi-storey car park, there is shuttle bus service to take then around Damansara Uptown.

An effective solution would be to set the parking meters to allow a maximum 2 hour parking to free up roadside parking for casual visitors to the businesses located here. At the same time, it is hoped that Uptown parking will further reduce the parking rates for full day parking at the Multi-storey car park to about equal to the parking rates for roadside full day parking, thus encouraging more office workers to:
  1. park at the multi-storey car park and take the shuttle bus to travel round Damansara Uptown

  2. car pool

  3. take public transport (taking public transport at Uptown is very convenient)

The above arrangement will also bring the following benefits:
  1. fill up the upper floors of the multi-storey car park thus benefit its owners

  2. increase the turnover of roadside parking bays thus increasing the income to MBPJ and its contractors

  3. make Damansara Uptown a more conducive place for businesses

  4. car pooling and taking public transport is more environmentally friendly

  5. car pooling will help reduce transportation costs for office workers

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