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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Restoran 5 Star Kiosk

This evening something attracted me and I decided to try out the food at Restoran 5 Star Kiosk. I ordered the "Healthier Choice: 1 sandwich, 1 mixed salad and 1 Roselle drink. Price: RM5.99.

The roselle drink came first and it tasted like it had some assam added to it. Next came the surprise - the sandwich. Why surprise? The brochure showed 4 pieces of bread ("sandwich") while what I found were only 2 pieces. I asked the waiter how come in the brochure 4 pieces were shown while what is on the plate is only 2. It was cut, I was told and now on checking the brochure to write this review I realized that it was 1 (one) sandwich made with a sandwich toaster (also known as a toastie maker or jaffle maker).

Sandwich toaster: Photo from Wikipedia under the Creative Common license

I asked the waiter: "Boleh kenyan ke?" or (Will it fill my stomach?) and the answer was there is still the salad.

Fortunately when the salad came, it was reasonable substantial and I have to admit that the drink plus the salad plus the 1 piece of sandwich cut into 2 id actually filled my stomach.

And the taste? All 3 were tasty. The taste for the salad came from the mayonnaise. So if you consider mayonnaise cum lots of salad as a healthier choice, then it is.

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