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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pizza Hut Half Price All Day Every Day

Pizza Hut is having its half price offer campaign again which is valid for the whole day. The only thing is, you are allowed only 1 of 7 offers on each day of the week.

Pizza Hut All Day Everyday half price offer

Monday: Hawaiian Chicken personal cheesy lava stuffed crust pizza at RM6.00
or 4 pieces of Wing Street Oriental/BBQ at RM3.95

Tuesday: Super Supreme Personal Pizza at RM5.75
or Cheese-Baked Meatballs at RM5.25

Wednesday: Meatball Bolognaise Beef/Chicken at RM5.00
or Soup of the day with garlic bread

Thursday: Island Supreme Personal Pan Pizza at RM5.75
or Tropical Fizz at RM2.60

Friday: Prawn Olio at RM5.60
or Garlic Bread at RM1.50

Saturday: Cheese Baked Rice at RM4.60
or Chocolate Volcano at RM5.25

Sunday: Double Delight Ice cream at RM2.60
or Mango Pudding at RM1.50

BTW there is a Pizza Hut outlet at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail which is but a short walk from Damansara Uptown via Jalan SS20/21 along the Damansara Specialist Hospital

Map: Jalan SS20/21, shortest route from Uptown to TTDI

Map Jalan SS20/21 from Damansara Uptown to TTDI

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