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Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya and Tesco Hypermarket

This review of Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya will involve access to the mall via Jalan Bahagia and the underground tunnel under LDP Highway, the Lower Ground carpark and the new Tesco there, also at LG. This underground access can also be used by motorists from Damansara Uptown along the LDP Highway heading towards Kelana Jaya.

The first time I used that tunnel was to go to Tesco Hypermarket on its opening day and somehow ended up parking at LG carpark which happened to be on the same level as Tesco and easily accessed, a very short walk. It was a pleasure as it was very easy for us to carry our loots to the car.

However, this third time going to Paradigm Mall, I must have taken the wrong entrance (see map) and ended up 1 level below Tesco (I think it was Basement 2 or B2)and trying to access to Tesco was horrible. See map below (click to enlarge):

First, the signboards were inadequate, and trying the lift which had no sign to tell us that it could not access Tesco nor could we see any signboard indicating the direction to go up 1 level. We got off at LG but could see that we were actually inside Tesco but the doors were locked.

We had to take the long escalators up to Ground Floor (I think), walk a short distance then take another escalators down to Tesco.

Going back to the car was really horrible. Carrying our heavy loads plus with 2 young children and having to take the escalators up and down was not only difficult but also dangerous. I wouldn't want to repeat that experience.

Also, on my second visit to Tesco and Paradigm Mall was on a Sunday and all the exits to the basement car parks were blocked and I had to park at the upper floors. That was also a horrible experience as to even get to the first level of the upper car parks, I had to go round and round and round, dizzying, plus had no direct access to the even higher levels and and to drive round and round the car lower car parks to access the ramp up.

The next time if I ever to go to Tesco and Paradigm Mall, I would not go on a weekend (which probably would force me to park at the upper car parks, a dizzying experience) plus I have to find the correct entrance to that LG car park at the same level and easily accessible to Tesco.

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