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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Slimming Weekend Camp by NSR Centre

Are you looking to shed some weight post Raya ?
Are you looking to slim down and be fitter for a long time?

Sharing with you on Slimming Camp 49 organised by NSR Centre.

In this 2 days specially designed slimming camp guided by Slimming Instructor Lee Yan, you learn simple,fun ,interactive yet effective techniques to slim down the body. The methods are simple and gentle thus suitable for everyone.You will also acquire proven knowledge and techniques on how to have a balanced diet & lifestyle for slimming.Special relaxation & slimming breathing techniques will be taught to you to boost your body’s natural metabolism rate to achieve a slender body. Join this camp and start experiencing the science of natural Slimming.

This slimming camp is really for you if.....

1) You're into non intrusive methods to lose weight , no pills , no machine, no gimmick. Just pure experience.

2) You need a Workable slimming system and solution that is affordable to you.

3) You want something which is fun and interactive and completely easy even for beginners.

4) You enjoy learning as a group

5) You like to start taking charge of your body and health.

6) You love how natural is good for the body

7) You are determined to get a slim & tone figure

8) You can't wait to let healthier and fitter person inside you out

9) You sincerely want an honest instructor to guide you in this journey

10) You believe in your self that you can slim down healthily.

This camp is specially designed just for you ! Join the group and learn the WAY to lose weight naturally.

Experience it yourself . Don't let this chance pass you by.

This is a weekend (Sat & sun ) slimming camp guided by Slimming Instructor Lee Yan , aims to equip you the essential and practical knowledge on how you can start to slim down effectively.

This camp is 80% practical experience and 20% on theories and discussions.

Slimming Camp 49

Date : 29th & 30th September 2012

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Venue : NSR Centre Damansara Utama

Camp includes:
1) Basic body anatomy and functions
2) Slim & tone movements
3) Dynamic Movements
4) Daily food Chart
5) Lifestyle recommendation
6) 49 Days House routine
7) Deep relaxation techniques
8) Home guide Booklet

Slimming camp fees:
This camp introductory price is only at Rm490
Ultra Special pricing (Discount 80% ) will be given on special case to case basis.

Interview will be needed for this.
** Each month NSR CENTRE will sponsor One Eligible participant entirely for FREE.

Please write to us if you think you deserve this for FREE.We would like to listen to your story.

To enlarge posters below, click on posters:

NSR Centre Slimming weekend course

NSR Centre Slimming weekend course

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