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Monday, November 5, 2012

LavieFlo collection of preserved natural flowers




Every colour and flower combination exudes a unique vibe. At LavieFlo, our artistic team has meticulously put together five different themes on which the arrangements are based. Each theme is tailored for a particular set of occasions to meet all your specific gifting and decorating needs.

Lavielo preserved natural flowers


Whether a newborn has just arrived, or a colleague is recuperating from ill health, or a friend is grieving for the loss of a dear one, sometimes a token that shows that someone cares and is wishing you well is all it takes to bring a heartening touch. To fill your loved one with this sense of care, LavieFlo has carefully put together a floral recipe of tender, soft and delicate hues. Flowers in the gentlest of yellows, peaches, pinks, creamy whites and greens form a visual blanket of comfort that instantly warms the soul.


Flowers are the universal language of love. When coupled with the right colour, they express your affection as eloquently as a love letter or a card. Our unique blend of warm and cool colours with a charming spectrum pink is specially concocted to express loving sentiments not only to your lover, but your family, best friend and bride-to-be as well. It reminds her that she is fondly thought of and that your love is as everlasting as these flowers.


For those who are teeming with sentiments, this rich and evocative palette has been specially brewed to set the mood for passionate, sophisticated and even seductive settings. Imagine a very special evening or anniversary celebration accompanied with full-bodied reds or an elegant dinner party or bedroom that needs that extra touch of hot pink or deep maroon. Or perhaps some spicy orange accents to punch up the mood. The Sensuous collection is perfect for anywhere you want to feel sexy and opulent.


Serenity and relaxation are the essence of this colour scheme. Its peaceful palette comprises lavender, misty blues and other cool hues. They evoke soothing imagery of the sky, the sea, sleepy gardens and dreamy prairies covered in gentle, swaying daisies. Present this bundle of tranquillity to any busy mom or married professional who wishes to seek but a moment of calm from life’s stressful events. Or, simply decorate your home with it to create a composed and soothing environment for you and your family.


Colours are the smiles of nature, so what better way to bring bliss to a party than with flowers of bright colours and contrasting compositions. With our Whimsical collection, you need not go down the rabbit hole to find Alice’s wonderland. We select each colour and flower with a joyous state of mind, while every arrangement is fashioned to radiate fun-loving spirits and playful times. Whether they are displayed indoors or alfresco, the pulsating blossoms are bound to bring any space to life with their upbeat vibes.

A Tale Of Real Flowers & Everlasting Life

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