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Monday, November 5, 2012

The making of LavieFlow preserved natural flowers


The flowers at LavieFlo have undergone a tender preservation procedure developed by expert botanist, Ji Xiangsheng. His experience spans over 30 years, from being the director of the internationally recognised New Zealand Pukeiti Rhododendron Foundation to becoming the senior expert of the Yunnan Flower Industry Association.

Ji’s preservation technology has been perfected to breathe eternal life into fleeting flowers, allowing them to stay as crisp as they were at the time of picking for many years, with neither water nor sunlight needed.

Here is a little glimpse of Ji’s ‘magic’…

Firstly, the flowers are plucked at the peak of its bloom and their water contents are extracted. Next, they are bleached white through a clean, non-toxic and medically approved process. An ultra-sound procedure is then employed to cleanse the flowers of their sugar, fat, protein and salt contents. After that, the flowers are injected with the desired colour, and safe, food-grade cream substances as replacement for water contents. Lastly, the flowers are left to dry naturally.The entire process, which involves over 40 steps, is meticulously planned and carried out over the period of 15 days.

LavieFlo Preserved Flowers

Lavielo preserved natural flowers

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