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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Eye Experience with an Optometrist of Malaya Optical

I have always been intrigued by Malaya Optical's tagline - Eye Experience Boutique. Further, I have heard so much about Malaya Optical - it being awarded The Brand Laureate, that even Tun Dr. Mahathir and celebrities like Amber Chia had consulted Ryan Ho, the CEO, Optometrist and Eyewear Stylist of Malaya Optical in Damansara Uptown.

Ryan Ho is a B. Sc graduate from USA plus furthered his studies to obtain Bachelors of Optometry (Hons). He has been guest speaker for Johnson & Johnson Eyecare plus participated in numerous talk shows such as TV3 Wanita Hari Ini, NTV7 Breakfast Show, Capital TV Morning Bell, and Radio BFM 89.9

I also understand that at Malaya Optical they only hire qualified optometrists. An Optometrist not only examine, but also advice on the patients' eyes, they are trained to recognize diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and cataract, as well as general health conditions such as diabetes. They refer patients to Ophthalmologist when they detect an eye disease is present. (Source: Optometrist Job Description ).

Optometrists in Malaya Optical especially in their HQ at Damansara Uptown are aided by many state of the art instruments such as Slit Lamp with Optical Digital Zoom Camera by Nikon (to examine contact lenses fitting and cataract), Non Contact Relax Tonometer by Reichert (to examine Inter Occular Pressure (IOP) or Glaucoma), High Definition Digital Retina Imaging by Canon (to examine Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration or Retina Atrophy), Zeiss iProfiler Occular Wavefront Aberrometer, Autorefractometer, Atlas Corneal Topographer, and Keratometer (to examine Refractive Errors to 0.125 Diopter and also Corneal Curvature for better fit of soft or RGP contact lenses), Zeiss Relax Vision Terminal (to examine pupillary distance and multifocal precision fitting height) and many more.

Many of their clients are referred to them by doctors (especially ophthalmologist/eye doctor) as Malaya Optical has been in practicing since 1957. Their qualified Optometrist ensure that patients are well prescribed and managed especially for multifocal / progressive lenses and they specialize in children myopia control or myopia retardation.

I was rather impressed when they showed me their extensive range of eyewear collection from main stream brands to exclusive limited edition designer eywear from around the world. Infact, I dare say that their collection is extremely unique and chic. Some of the brands they carry are Swiss flex, Wolfgang Proksch, Mykita, Coppe Sid, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, JF Rey, Calvin Klein, Whiteout & Glare, Blackfin, Less Than Human, Unodstrial, Tag Heuer, Oakley, Markus T, Moschino, Lafont, ByWP, Parasite, Boz, Round Frames, Retro Frames, Anitque Frames, Aha, Benetton, Burberry, Bywp, Coach, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giogio Armani, GF Ferrer, Haus Marke, John Richmond, Max Mara, Miu Miu, Moschino, Nike, Prada, Paris Hilton, Robert Marc, Romeo Gigly, Rudy Project, Sama, Victor Rolf, Vivien Westwood, Zero Rh, Andy Wolf, Bevel, Blackfin, Boz, Byblos, Coppe + Sid, Derapage, Derek Lam, Dun, Dutz, Eco, Envisu, Face Font, Ferragamo, Frank Kids, Free Form Green, Gotti, Hana, Lotto, Metzler, Modo, IC Berlin, Parasite, Noego, Paul Smith, Perfect Number, Plasta, Ultem, Superdry, Staffan Preutz, Synergi, Spvvyi, Salt, Carbon Fiber, Undostrial and many more..

I am also an absent minded person being already nicknamed Absent Minded Professor in my secondary school days and prone to losing my optical glasses, so having a spare spectacles is always handy. So it is with the objective of getting a spare pair of specs that I decided to go find out exactly what this Eye Experience is all about. It was an eye opener. The optometrist Eugene took me through a whole series of eye examination which included myopic refractive and slit lamp examination of my exterior occular health. Additionally, he tested my eye for internal eyeball pressure (Glaucoma which can lead to blindness), retina examination (important for those with undetected diabetes or high blood pressure and which if untreated can also lead to blindness), lens examination (cataract which can lead to impaired vision), and of course for myopia (short sightedness), presbyopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism.

After choosing the frame for over an hour, Eugene checked for the lens fitting height (focal point) not once, not twice but numerous times thus showing how meticulous they are. They sure provided very personalized service and I was told, they aim to provide even better after sales service. To beat it all, I was even served a nice hot cup of coffee. Tell me, which other optical shops does that?

He even explain to me the different type of multifocal /progressive lenses in the market such as Zeiss, Essilor and Hoya. The detail individualize product pro and cons were also layout to me. Truly impressed, I decided to blog about them. Now, I am looking forward to trying out my new spectacle.

The Eye Experience Boutique

designer eyewear

Tun Dr. Mahathir getting consultation with Ryan Ho

expensive optical testing instruments in Malaya Optical

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