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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Uptown Phase 2: fast-in-fast-out traffic flow

Currently cars can still move in the roads of Damansara Uptown, but slowly because of double parking which reduces the lanes along which cars can move and because of the centre median (centre divider). Thus in Damansara Uptown Phase 2, See Hoy Chan has proposed to remove the centre divider to enable cars to travel in fast and travel out fast. Not only that, they plan to upgrade the pedestrian walkways and landscape the area thus improving the visual aspect. It will also have the effect of reducing the roadside car parking bays. Is it an improvement? That will depend on what you think as more important. Only time will tell.

Below is a picture of the scale model showing the Uptown Residence and the roads:

Uptown phase fast in fast out system

Another picture of the scale model showing Jalan SS21/37 and Jalan SS21/60:

Damansara Uptown Jalan 37 and Jalan 60

And still one more picture of the scale model showing Jalan SS21/35, Jalan SS21/37 and Jalan SS21/58:

Damansara Uptown Phase 2 Jalan SS21 37, 58 and 35

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