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Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to detect phishing email without opening it.

Despite many reminders from banks to customers to be alert to phishing emails, many are still falling for scams and getting their bank information compromised.

Today received such an email which escaped the spam folder and ended up in the Inbox supposedly from Maybank with the subject "Final verification: Your M2U account has been compromised"

Wary of opening the email to check. Hovering the mouse over the message, I noticed a "magnifying glass icon". Hovering direct over the "magnifying icon" a tool-tip/popup appeared which reads "search for messages from this sender" (see screenshot below). Good, I need to find out if there were other messages from this sender.

searching for messages from sender in Yahoo mail

The search revealed that there was only 1 message from this sender and it was from:"". Thus suspicions confirmed. This is definitely not Maybank. But just how did this scammer obtained a .edu email? Was that a compromised email address?

NOTE: If you are using Gmail, all you need to do is to hover the mouse over the sender and the sender email will be revealed and you can easily tell if the email is genuinely from the bank it said it is from.

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