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Monday, May 5, 2014

Carpooling for Damansara Uptown?

The Damansara Uptown Business and Premise Owners Association (DUBPOA, an informal group) have been toying with the idea of starting a carpooling webpage for Damansara Uptown to help alleviate the acute car parking problems.

Software is available to make matching of carpoolers automated with geotargeting etc.. What is holding them back are the legal issues.

Quick links:
Casual Carpooling Guide
Risk Management for Carpool Matching Programs

So what are the legal issues involved. Like Who are liable in a carpool accident?

Or this article: How to Be Legally Covered When Operating a Carpool Service. However, this is more for those operating a carpooling service as a business and would require things like getting a photocopy of the participants' identity documents.

Or here is a very comprehensive documents on carpooling, Casual Carpooling: A Background Guide:


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