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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Curry Leaf Restaurant got a good revies

Curry Leaf Restaurant in Damansara Uptown, a (relatively) new branch of the famous Seremban Curry Leaf Restaurant got a good review in The Malaysian Insider. Among their offerings and plus points that were mentioned in the review were:

huge variety fo South and North Indian dishes
roti, thosai, appam, nasi lemak, curry puffs
banana leaf meal is served on a real banana leaf and comes with signature brinjal potato, onion pakora, snake gourd pooria, mixed vege
Kashmiri naan (highly recommended) - fluffy, deliciously buttery, strips of sweet and fragrant mango
fishhead curry
mutton vindaloo
chiken Hydrabadi with onions and very fragrant prawn masala
fried squid dipped in spiced batter, sesame seeds and deepfried
chicken lakshimi kebab (highly recommended)
chicken 65, chicken tikka, Afghan chicken
chicken briyani (disappointing)
appam (recommended), uppuma or semolina cooked with dried chillies, ginger, curry leaves, mustard seeds.

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