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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Alert: Bukit Aman warning of scams

The Royal Malaysian Police warns of scams using deceiving tactics by convincing con artists even as technology and telecommunications systems advances. Here are the tactics:

Con artists will make make random phone numbers pretending to be bank representatives. They tell the prospective victim their credit card has been fraudulently used to make purchases and ask prospect to verify the purchases. If prospect says they don't have a credit card with that bank, they would be asked to contact Bank Negara.

Minutes later, they will receive a call from a female claiming to be from Bank Negara asking for their personal details and would be told they had been defrauded. Victim will then be asked to go to an ATM (automated teller machine)

If they happens on a prospect that do actually have a credit card with that bank supposedly to stop the credit card from being further used for fraudulent activities.

At the ATM, the woman will call and guide them through a series of operations following which funds will be transferred to a third party account.

Police advice Malaysians to be always wary and on receiving similar calls, to call Bank Negara: 1-300-88-5465. Check with authorities and banks first before doing what scammers advice to do.

Banks in Damansara Uptown:
Hong Leong Bank
Public Bank
Malayan Banking (Maybank)
Bank Rakyat
RHB Bank
Alliance Bank
Bank Simpanan Malaysi
UOB Bank
Standard Chartered Bank

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