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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: POKC (People of Kheng Chew) Cafe

People of Kheng Chew (Cafe) received a good review in the Malay Mail Online: POKC: Hainanese restaurant + hipster coffee joint = A big win! The design of the place is a reinterpretation of a Hainanese Association and kopitiam

POKC was touted as a perfect spot to savor authentic Hainanese food. POKC owner is of Hainanese descent and strive hard to ensure that the food served at POKC passes their taste buds and and assessments deserving as best version of authentic Hainanese food.

Among dishes mentioned are POKC’s signature dishes such as the roti babi, POKC Enchanted Lamb Stew, Kheng Chew Curry Koi, Kheng Chew Koi Burger and Cordon Bleu Koi. More Western oriented is the Chicken Chop burger and Kheng Chew Koi Burger In the future they plan to include Hainanese Chicken Rice but only if they assess it as the best Hainanese Chicken Rice.

For coffee, for the moment you wouldn't get Hainanese coffee at POKC. Instead, POKC serves specialty coffee, their reinterpreted coffee to be modern using the espresso machine. Their coffee beans are obtained from Papa Palheta, a Singapore-based roastery because this roaster offer roast on demand, thus they can get fresh beans.

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