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Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Sony Mobile service and support

A message from someone I know:

So Sony Mobile MY said last week that "we'll call you back by Thursday (latest)" that was YESTERDAY and guess what, nobody calls... so I called them today (Friday) and their response to my complaint... "your replacement has been approved... BUT we do not have stock and don't know when we will get new stock", so I asked, "am I supposed to wait indefinitely" to which they professionally answered "YES"

So I call the Sony outlet in KLCC and enquired if they have stock, they said "Yes, we do"

Update: Further development "Sony Mobile MY called me last Friday @3pm and informed me that they had checked and stock for my phone would arrive on 29th Oct and they would require a "few days" after that to check and confirm that the phone was OK before releasing the phone to me. When I asked why 29th Oct when their KLCC outlet had stock, their reply was "our logistics are already closed for Deepavali"

I basically told them that I would not accept their explanation and requested to speak to a manager or supervisor and was put on hold. A few minutes later, a lady (I assume it was a manager or supervisor) attends to me and says "you can pick your phone up after 5pm today).

I subsequently collected the phone the following day.

I'm glad it's over for now and I seriously think Sony Malaysia has a long way to go when it comes to customer service."

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