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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Whatsapp telephone number to check towed vehicles location

With more and more cars on the roads and popular destinations like Damansara Uptown packed with cars but with insufficient roadside car park bays, motorists have resorted to illegal and double-parking. It is not uncommon that when car driver return to the illegally parked cars, he is met with an empty space, car missing.

What may have happened is the illegally parked car got towed away by authorities or the police or even stolen. Motorists in such situation now can resort to messaging 016-666 3255 using WhatsApp or Telegram. If the car had been towed, the motorist will then know what he had done wrong, the penalty as well as the location of the towed car together with a map.

Towed cars are towed to either Jinjang, Sri Hartamas or new Jalan Galloway storage depot. Abandoned cars will be towed to Salak South.

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