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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Traveling? Katmandu money bag how to use instruction

When travelling, it is always advisable to keep your valuables like passport, large amount of currencies, etc., in a money pouch hidden under the clothing at the waist. A good one to use is the Katmandu money bag which "how to use" instructions are listed below:


The Money Belt sits comfortably around your waist, providing a discreet and easy way to carry your valued travel documents and money. It also features a pocket with RFID technology, an electromagnetic shielding material to reduce the likelihood of thieyes stealing passport and credit card information.


Two securely zipped compartments and an internal RFID Velcro pocket.The RFID pocket is designed to hold and protect your passport and cards, while the other pockets are ideal for holding cash and travel documents. Adjustable clasp.

Our RFID fabric has been independently tested for shielding passports and credit cards using the commercially-used frequency of 13.56 MHZ. The testing was done in accordance to MILSTD-285, IEEE299, NSA65-6 and EN50147-1 standard requirer9ents.

While we have done our utmost to make this product as secure as possible, Kathmandu takes no reasonsability for any loss or damage in the unlikely event that your personal information is stolen.

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