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Friday, June 24, 2016

The LEGO success story

for you've probably seen one of these
0:04LEGO brick but have you ever wondered how it all started
0:08and why it's called ladle actually the name is much older than this plastic
0:14are you curious let me tell you how it all began
0:17many years ago there was a skilled and hard-working carpenter
0:22name only Kirk Christiansen the mall a was a respected carpenter with his
0:27own company but times were hard so he didn't have much money
0:31in had to dismiss his match were killed
0:39come on in I have closed down the workshop
0:43impact my team thank you
0:45I suppose and better regular paycheck
0:56take care
1:06that was the last one
1:08leeches didn't imagine it would come to this
1:11the 90 it's hard to understand
1:15but at least now it can't get much worse but it did get worse
1:20shortly after only lost his wife
1:24but ole was a special person he wasn't the type that gave up
1:28in with the responsibility of his four sons he had to think up something
1:33only had gotten an idea and for him it never took long to put an idea
1:38into action all these little invention meet his boys so happy
1:44that he thought maybe he should start making toys
1:48only decided to give it a try luckily
1:52he had saved up a lot of wood from the curb and reproduction
1:56it now uses to make it always time passed by
2:01and even though only was a skilled carpenter and had a good eye for quality
2:05and detail
2:07CEO's were very slow luckily
2:10one of his sons gottfried started helping out his dad after school
2:14together they just barely managed to keep up the production
2:18eventually word began to spread the wooden toys at the finest quality
2:23will be me in the workshop in one day
2:26unmanned rolled into town a man who would change
2:30police future he was a wholesaler from Fredericks yeah
2:34no fear that you're making some very nice wooden toys
2:38well one does his best the wholesaler was very impressed with all the wooden
2:43and placed a big order before he left now there's finally someone who can see
2:51the opportunities and what we're doing look at this
2:54the wholesaler wants to put a lot of our toys into a sport for the holidays
2:58it's going to be a good Christmas this year but will be busy
3:02now there was a lot to do with a little workshop
3:06and only could rehire his former workers only
3:10only use the highest quality wood which was hand-picked
3:13and very carefully prepared
3:15they work day and night to get the order finished so the wholesaler
3:19could get the toys out in stores before Christmas
3:25is there something wrong dad am afraid that weird
3:29in big trouble in the middle at their work
3:32only received a letter seen that the wholesaler
3:35had filed for bankruptcy and couldn't buy the toys
3:39that he adored but where you gonna do without Christmas
3:43now we can even afford food
3:49I'll do it are you can do
3:52dad how to do it myself I'll Drive around selling the toys
3:57there was no time to lose
4:00only packed the car with all the toys and rolled
4:04only was a very good toy makers but was not a very good salesman
4:09he didn't like praising himself or talking about how carefully the toys had
4:13been me
4:14but he had to keep trying the if he was going to sell anything
4:18this is going to be a blast but is there anything you're interested in
4:23it looks exciting but I don't have a lot of money right now
4:27maybe we could trade in call it even well
4:30I would prefer money bunt immediate and
4:35he succeeded in selling all the toys he didn't receive as much money as he had
4:41but the family managed and they had plenty of food for Christmas
4:46time passed by but the toys didn't sell as quickly as they had expected
4:52only thought perhaps the company needed a good name
4:56what should it be it has to be a short word
5:01I wanted to convey playing well in Danish
5:04Plainwell is called like God what should be
5:09which could be if only I could get some sort of a sign
5:19Mego as you can see only himself
5:23ended up finding a very suitable name but what he didn't know
5:27was that in Latin the word llego means I put together
5:31the name llego was well received
5:34and the company slowly started to move forward
5:37we have made three thousand crowns this year and Liam orders than usual
5:42did you see three thousand crowns then you need to see what I've been looking
5:47at even though got frayed wasn't comfortable spending money on a milling
5:52he could see that it was useful and that the quality of the toys
5:56improved could you finish the last batch and get ready for shipping
5:59I will attack
6:05taxi to lotta money for the company today really
6:08how I think we could save money in a lacquer
6:12play all recorded the Ducks twice since it three times and
6:16you what unfortunately gottfried idea didn't go over well with Ole
6:22only made gottfried unpack all the Ducks himself
6:25give them the last layer a blacker and bring them back to the train station
6:29only believed in high quality and not cheating his customers
6:34when gottfried return only explained that that wasn't the way to create
6:38a good brand this little lesson open gottfried eyes to the fact that
6:43every detail matters and only the best
6:46is good enough in the late nineteen thirties
6:49legal was making a profit even when the second world war broke out
6:54they tried to make the best out of a difficult time
6:57it seemed nothing could go wrong but a stormy night
7:01in 1942 change their luck
7:09there's a fire the workshop is on fire
7:15but when the firemen arrived they were unable to see the workshop
7:19it burned to the ground and all the drawings and models
7:23were destroyed only was beginning to lose hope
7:27all that he had worked for was gone Andy
7:30almost lost his company but being responsible for his children and workers
7:35inspired him to rebuild Lego a new factory was constructed
7:41soon the production at wooden toys started again
7:44the little company but its way back into the market
7:47gradually the legal factory begin to run smoothly
7:51and only started looking for new challenges one day he went to Copenhagen
7:56to look at a new machine that had just arrived in Denmark
8:00it was a plastic molding machine and ole was very excited about it
8:05should we buy it features a good bargain
8:08and it will give us a lot of opportunities well
8:11town interesting has a lot of money
8:15I'll take that as a yes theme when the plastic molding machine finally arrived
8:23only started making little plastic teddy bears and rattles
8:27but he still had the plastic bricks that he had received at the fair
8:31there was something about them that he couldn't stop thinking about
8:34in even though no one else could see the potential in this only decided to
8:40and put them into production
8:44but it was when legal first launched the great progress in tractor
8:48that the plastic toys became a success
8:52unfortunately the seals were dropping during the summer
8:55and the company had too many toys in stock this can't be right
9:00of course our products can be sold the whole year not only for Christmas
9:04gottfried decided that he would go out and sell the toys himself got great
9:09brought his wife beaters as company
9:11and moral support
9:15you you can't canceling and
9:17remember buttering me well it wasn't that bad
9:22Gottfried was a success in his trip around the country
9:26which help llego to get out its financial crisis
9:29they reached home just in time for all A's birthday party
9:33only two in sixty and the whole family was gathered to celebrate with him
9:42I guess it was a long trip around the world make
9:45I got an idea up this what about a picture
9:48with the three generations everyone thought that was a good idea
9:52and we were placed on the sofa with all the presents and flowers around
9:58on a business trip to England gottfried met the head to the big shopping center
10:02on his way home
10:03be discussed the toy industry and the conversation would be
10:07very important to the future %uh llego damn this industry
10:12I just think that toys are no good nowadays what do you mean
10:16I think they're working very well hope they were crying
10:19sure but there's no system in anything
10:22system shuster
10:26mmm technician any system
10:30what in the world are you doing got printed their
10:33is an any system the toys need an idea and a system built around it
10:38I wanna put system in the play children have only been offered ready-made
10:44they need something different that will strengthen their imagination
10:48and creativity so you're trying to put me go into a system
10:52interesting that scene year
10:56llego started producing the first Lego system of play
11:00children could now build houses from the Lego bricks the town plan gay play a
11:04realistic town setting
11:06and with this children learned about traffic safety
11:09my sisters and I could play with the new Lego system for hours
11:13some people said we were the luckiest children in the world
11:16because we grew up in a tortilla factory it was a huge breakthrough
11:21and Godfrey decided to try selling it outside of Denmark
11:25the system a play was so popular that they manage to sell it to many countries
11:30look when I yes
11:33bill that is really nice cal even though llego was meant for only building houses
11:39there was still a lot of opportunities there was just one problem:
11:44one I can lift a tad bit it keeps piling up
11:50that made gottfried wondered he wanted to find a way to make the Lego bricks
11:55stick together
11:56but that was easier said than done gottfried noticed that the legal breaks
12:01got a better clutch power with tubes inside
12:04now it was no longer just bricks but a whole construction system with
12:09endless possibilities this was groundbreaking for the legal product
12:13with the child's imagination legal could be
12:17anything in the world over and over again
12:20the a match in Asian is the limit the
12:23looked at me yeah I can build everything
12:27unfortunately only never got to see
12:30how successful the little brick actually became
12:34gottfried was left on his own any had to go through another fire it may go
12:39the destroyed most of the wood production just like his father
12:43gottfried knew that he had to try to get the best outta
12:46any situation and never give up gottfried took the hard times
12:51with his head held high as sales grew
12:54the company also got bigger he had to think ahead
12:58and he decided not to resume the production at wooden toys
13:02into only focus on the Lego system it turned out to be a great decision
13:07many new models were billed and legal got stronger in the toy industry
13:12sir which one of these
13:15do you think is the best mom
13:19hi that one even though it got busy red Lego
13:23gottfried still had bigger plans now
13:26he wanted to build an airport so it would be easier to sell in stories to
13:30the whole world
13:31like father like sign he didn't take long to put his idea into action
13:37only three years later Billund Airport was open
13:40the many guests and business connections who visited the company
13:45always wanted to see the modeling Department gradually
13:49it got so crowded that it was hard for the employees to keep up their work
13:53I think we better wait a while gottfried could see that something had to be done
13:58he needed a bigger place to display the Lego battles
14:03I'll I
14:06I don't wanna interrupt so I'll just put this package of our new Lego Train are
14:11on the table just put it there train
14:15the idea grew quickly from in exhibition room
14:18to an amusement park and then
14:21we could have a tower C could look over the whole park from above
14:25the whole town it will be a land made out of Legos
14:28Lego Land well
14:32looks interesting but how many visitors are you actually counting on
14:36well I guess om 200
14:39300,000 300 then
14:42even though it sounded like a lot my dad was
14:45actually pretty far off the mark there were six hundred thousand guests
14:50the very first year my family and I were there to greet the guests
14:55we've kept up this tradition ever since
15:03now you know how it all began llego wouldn't be what it is today
15:08if it hadn't been for my grandfather's Center quality
15:11and search for perfection my father firmly believed in the endless
15:15possibilities have the legal system
15:17I seek to take the Lego idea even further
15:21encouraging children to explore experience
15:24and express their own world a world without limits
15:28and we are still convinced the only the best
15:31is good enough because children deserve the best

Published on Aug 10, 2012

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