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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Faulty car parking meters in Uptown Damansara

A motorist who was visiting Uptown Damansara for an appointment was disappointed on being fined for the parking offence of no fault of his. If you are facing the same issue, refers to the Malaysia Digest: Why Is MBPJ Issuing Fines To Motorists When Parking Meters Are Faulty? (

MBPJ offered a solution to members of the public when faced with similar issues:

According to Zainun, if there are faulty parking meters, motorists should file their complaints through MBPJ and following these steps – specifying the serial number of the machine along with its exact location, to ease the process of taking the next necessary actions.

Zainun further added that an agreement has been made between the council and the operator to provide maintenance to the parking meters.

“If the parking meters are faulty, the operator will have to fix it and send a report to us. Usually, during the process of fixing the faulty machines, we will not issue compounds to motorists,” she clarified

Zainun also questioned the authenticity of such claims going around about the faulty parking meters adding, “If there is a problem, the complainants should provide us with proof.”

When asked the frequency of the maintenance checks for the parking meters by Godell, Zainun responded that checks are handled by a different department.

Nevertheless, she assures following the complaints received by the council with regards to the faulty parking meters, the council will engage Godell to resolve these issues.

“Should we receive complaints about faulty parking meters, MBPJ will ask Godell to conduct an investigation and repair these machines, then send a report to us,” she concluded.

While we hope MBPJ is constantly on its operator’s toes to resolve the issue that is inconveniencing the public, we hope the public will also do their part in lodging official complaints addressed to the council to ensure that the right enforcement will take place effectively.

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