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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dr Wong Specialist Clinic @ Tangkak

Dr Wong Meng Kiang's clinic is not in Damansara Uptown, but far away in Tangkak, Johor, 165 km from the Balai Polis Damansara. But I was desperate and decided to pay him a visit for my eczema. I have been suffering for itchy eczema for months and heard about Dr Wong, first from my daughter who heard about this well known Dr Wong from her mother-in-law. It seems Dr. Wong can tell you the exact cause of your miseries (eczema). Then I heard it from 2 of my schoolmates. Checking online, I have found various references to Dr Wong. I "recruited" my 2 schoolmates to drive me to Tangkak to see him. I left Petaling Jaya for KL Sentral by LRT reaching KL Sentral at about 7.30am. Caught the KTM train for Tampin about 7.48am and reached Batang Benar where a classmate was waiting for me in his car. We drove to Seremban and changed to a bigger car driven by another schoolmate. The drive to Tangkak was uneventful, reaching the turn-off to Tangkak at about 11am. It was easy to find Dr Wong Meng Kiang's clinic, from the toll station turn right at the first T-junction. Dr Wong's clinic is a short distance past the Balai Polis and a "RM12 shop" where everything is priced at RM12. It sells all kind of fashion wear. See address and photos below: Klinik Specialist Wong 114, Jln Payamas Tangkak  84902  Johor Darul Takzim   MALAYSIA Tel No: 06-9781576 Fax No: 06-978157
Tangkak RM12 shop
klinik specialist wong meng kiang
We were told to be back in about 1 hours time, so we walk to the nearby Tangkak Beef Noodle shop for lunch. They only have soup beef noodles so the 3 of us all had different types of soup beef noodles. How was it compared to Seremban beef noodles? All of us preferred the dry Seremban beef noodles.
tangkak beef noodles soup kopi o
It was another short walk back to the clinic and I didn't have long to wait for my turn. My classmate entered the consultation room with me and there we were greeted the the sight of friendly Dr Wong and his whole bunches of labelled test tubes. The very first words he uttered was "You have dandruff. What is your problem? Eczema which started from the legs and has spread all over my body. He instructed me to hold in one hand either a single test tube or a bunch of test tubes, extend my right arm to horizontal position, then he presses om the arm. Sometimes, I don't feel any pressure downward (not allergic to the material inside the test tube) and sometimes I see my arm goes downward without any resistance.(allergic) Once the made me hold my finger on my scalp and the right arm got pushed to the bottom without any resistance, indicating I am allergic to dandruff. The conclusion of the tests: I am allergic to 1. yeast 2. dandruff 3. soya sauce I was instructed to go to the room next door with his assistant where I was given some cream to apply (This one, apply on the itch area, and this one apply on the very itch area). I was also given 2 small bottle of liquid which I have to take a droplet twice a day. So now I have to be on a strict diet to see how things pan out Footnote: Dr. Wong Meng Kiang also consults at Pantai Hospital Malacca and Mahkota Hospital Pantai Hospital Address: 2418-1, Lebuh Ayer Keroh -  75410  Melaka   MALAYSIA Tel No: 06-2319999 Fax No: 06-2313999 Mahkota Hospital Address: 3 Mahkota Melaka Jln Merdeka -  75000  Melaka   MALAYSIA Tel No: 06-2848999 Fax No: 06-2810560

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