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Friday, April 28, 2017

Ricoh laser printer SP 150suw: Updates, software, alternatives

I had written a review of the Ricoh SP 150suw laser printer. I loved its high quality, compact footprint and simple operations with minimal moving parts especially the straight through paper feed which I was told is relatively jam free. I also love its low capacity "closeable" paper "reservoir" (paper loading "tray") as I believe it protect the paper feeder mechanism from dust which I was told was the reason for my Panasonic printer frequent paper jam. I love its straight through claimed jam free paper feeder.

However I don't like the very basic software that came with the printer and I couldn't find alternative software so far except for this one: Ricoh Print and Share. It has Ricoh brand name on it plus it is sold by Europe printer so now asking the local Ricoh if the software is from Ricoh itself.

This was the information regarding Ricoh Print and Share:
Ricoh Print&Share is a combination of a virtual printer driver and an application software.
This printer driver can be installed alongside the classic printer driver of the printer manufacturer. The classic printer driver functions acts as a translator/interpreter between Windows 'language' on your pc and printer 'language'. The virtual printer, on the other hand, functions more as a tool to execute your tasks.

In other words: the virtual printer driver functions as a buffer between your computer and your ordinary printer driver, and it allows you to perform more advanced tasks with your print job.

Print&Share is a multi-fuctional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

Saving you time and money.
The eco features reduce print costs by saving paper, ink or toner and help the environment at the same time.

My previous laser printer was the Panasonic KX-772 laser printer. I love its big paper "reservoir" (input tray) which means I can print by just switching on the printer without having to do anything. I also love the Panasonic Multifunction printer software. I am definitely looking for alternative software to replace the 150SUw software.

Will update when I find that suitable software.

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