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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bike sharing has come to Damansara Uptown

Have you noticed those yellow bikes around Damansara Uptown? Those are bicycles that you can ride for RM1 for every fifteen minutes wherever you see them and drop off "wherever" you like without having to drop them off at bike sharing stations. These yellow bikes are from oBike, a bike sharing app that originated from Singapore.

All you need to do is to download and install the oBike app and with that, find available bikes nearby, unlock them by scanning their barcode (more like QR code), ride them to where you want to go, drop them off at any accessible public places and be charged for only RM1 for every 15 minutes blocks.

oBike is ideal for getting around, to and from Uptown Damansara as it now has a dedicated bicycle lane and you don't need to own a bike to be able to do that with the availability of oBike.

Although oBike is supposedly station-less (no need for a particular station for pickup and dropoff), I think it would still be more convenient if there are stations, whether official or unofficial) for pickup. Imagine the convenience if you just arrived and exit from an LRT station, and you see those yellow bikes and you can just pick one to ride without having to walk far from the LRT station.

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