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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hidden Jewel: Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine

Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine does not have a signboard being located at a less visible mezzanine floor above Syarikat Chong Servis Tayar. Instead of looking for Syarikat Chong Servis Tayar, Look for a more prominent Kumho Tire. Or go directly to 27M Jalan SS21/37.

I wouldn't know that there is a restaurant if I had not received a phone call telling me about the restaurant. Malaysian Cuisine? I must go try it. I found nasi lemak was prominently displayed in the menu so if ever you want to go to Village Park Restaurant for their nasi lemak but don't fancy sitting at the hot and busy 5-foot walkway, I suggest you walk a few shops (towards HSBC) and you will notice a signage placed outside along the 5-foot walkway. Go up 1 flight of steps and you will reach Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine.

I tried their bubor chacha and butter milk nasi lemak. The bubor chacha was delicious, so was the butter milk nasi lemak.

bubor chacha Mamalee

butter milk nasi lemak mamalee

I looked through their extensive menu. I figure Village Park Restaurant is going to face some serious competition especially being located so close to them and Village Park Restaurant being so crowded as to spill over the hot and uncomfortable pedestrian walkway. Not only that, I think Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine has a wider variety of dishes, especially the butter milk nasi lemak which is not offered by Village Park Restaurant.

I heard they are always crowded at lunch hour so much so they are thinking of expanding to the neighbouring mezzanine floor. Since they don't have a signboard, news of their delicious food must have been spread by positive word of mouth. Try them, you wouldn't regret.

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