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Monday, August 21, 2017

U3A Bandar Utama

For us in and near Damansara Uptown, we are fortunate to have U3A Bandar Utama. U3A is University of the Third Age. Membership fees for U3A Bandar Utama are RM25 per year plus a one-time registration fee of RM15. There is life membership for which you pay RM150 and of course also the 1-time registration fee of RM15 making a total of RM165.

About U3A
Pages for U3A Bandar Utama

Courses offered are by semester and current (2nd half of 2017) courses offered was as follows:

1. Physiotherapy
2. Chinese Calligraphy
3. Chinese Painting
4. Acrylic Painting
5. Batik Painting
6. Folk Art Painting
7. Pottery Making(N)
8. Soap Making(N)
9. Beading Handicraft for Jewellery(N)
10. Chinese Art Tea making(N)
11. Car Maintenance
12. Ukulele Beginners
13. Ukulele Advance
14. Sourdough bread Making
15. Cooking for Malay dishes(N)
16. Gardening
17. Drama(N)
18. Swimming(N)
19. Gym Excise(N)
20. Basic Mandarin for Beginners
21. Basic Mandarin Conversation (2)
22. Smartphone Photography & Editing
23. Basic Smartphone Usage
24. Karaoke Singing
25. Yoga
26. Zumba Gold Dancing
27. Ballroom Dancing for Beginners
28. Ballroom Dancing Advance
29. Grooming, Fashion, Modelling & Catwalk
30. Fashion Designer

Courses charges @ Rm50.00 for 4 times. Classes only once a week.

In Mid December open for Members Courses Registration for 2018. In 2018 U3A Bandar Utama starts our 1st Semester early January till June.

About U3A

U3A stands for University of the Third Age, a "university" which awards no diploma or degree where like-minded middle age and elderly people gather together to keep their minds active by learning new things, enrolling for courses taught mostly by volunteer teachers who share their knowledge and skills learned over their working careers.

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