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Monday, August 21, 2017

U3A Malaysia (Serdang & Bandar Utama)

U3A is short for University of the Third Age, a "university" where seniors get together to learn something for learning sake and not for any diploma or degree. Read about U3A at Wikipedia.

There is also U3A Malaysia and U3A Malaysia Facebook. U3A Malaysia was started by the Faculty of Medicine and Health of University Putra Malaysia so their activities are mainly at UPM Serdang. For PJ folks, there is U3A Bandar Utama.

First Age is when you are young, learning about the world and have a long future ahead of you. Second Age is working life, parenting, creating a career. Third age is when you are retired, semi-retired, or perhaps even still working but is in the fifties, the sixties and beyond.

When you are in the Third Age, you would have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills, able to teach your peers about what you know, and also learning from your peers

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