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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fish and chips at Cor Blimey! @ uptown

When I found out that there was this new restaurant Cor Blimey! British Fish and Chips) at Uptown, I decided to visit that restaurant and try out their cuisine.

The decor was attractive with nice posters hanging on the wall and the table overlaid with a plastic top printed with interesting facts and figures about fish and chips. Among the tit-bits were that Winston Churchill ordered that Fish and Chips be not rationed during World War 2. You can read more about some of the facts and figures below.

The restaurant seemed popular with many customers. There was a TV playing Mr. Bean funny shows. That was the only time I visited this restaurant and I would not know what other videos they play at other times. But my guess is, they would all be videos with a British theme.

The food? I ordered Atlantic Cod with Onion and Garlic batter and minted mushy peas, price RM30.90.

atlantic cod fish and chips

My daughter settled on Snapper also with onion and garlic batter but with Chunky Coleslaw. The price is cheaper at RM23.90:

snapper fish and chips

The portions looks slightly smaller than at Fish and Co, especially at these prices. Any significant difference in taste between the 2 fish? No. I should have settled on the cheaper Snapper. The verdict, nothing very fancy and pricey and I would not go back again.

Fun fish and chips facts

During the Second World War Winston Churchill recognized the crucial role of fish and chips, referring to them as “good companions”. Fish and chips were two of the few foods not subject to rationing because the government feared the dish was so embedded in the nation’s culture that any limit would damage morale

The origins of mushy peas as the perfect accompaniment probably dates back to the 1970s. The side order is made by soaking dried marrowfat peas in water and baking soda,
with a little mint, to produce a thick soupy texture.

The world’s largest portion of fish and chips was served up by Scawbsy Fisheries in Doncaster. The massive battered cod weighed in at 33lb (15kg) and was accompanied by 64lb (29kg) of chips.


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