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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Where to buy Dentiste toothbrush (oral care products)

My old toothbrush is way past the throwaway date and I needed a new toothbrush. I usually buy my toothbrush at the Giant Hypermarket where I normally buy a package of 3 or more. However, the Giant Hypermarket that I normally go to near Kelana Jaya which offers free parking has downsized and has started collecting parking fee.

Incidentally, I wanted to check out BookXcess which sells new overprint is located at the Starling Mall, Uptown Damansara, my usual haunt so to Uptown I go.

My daughter, whenever she comes to Petaling Jaya, will go to AA Pharmacy to stock up on medicine and health supplements because she is the opinion AA Pharmacy gives the cheapest price. So to AA Pharmacy, I went.

There, I spotted a new (to me) toothbrush brand - Dentiste. And the pack of 3 says that toothbrush has thin bristles of varying height which can get into the spaces between the teeth and so you can brush and floss your teeth while simultaneously.

Dentiste toothbrush pack of 3
Dentiste Toothbrush pack of 3
Huh, that is interesting and the lazy me will always want to save time and multi-task. So Dentiste toothbrush it is. The price?

I had wanted to upload a photo of that pack of Dentiste toothbrush but I had problems with the phone data transfer cable so had to go Digital Mall to buy a new data transfer cable for the phone. By the time I started writing this post, I can only remember the price was RM24.99. I asked the cashier for discount, telling him AA Pharmacy gives the cheapest price of all pharmacy.

But no, reasonable price the cashier said. So now in my memory bank, AA Pharmacy has been downgraded to the pharmacy giving reasonable price, no more cheapest price.

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