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Thursday, December 21, 2017

4D movie (The Last Jedi) at MBO Cinema Starling Mall

Had a pleasant afternoon with grandson at MBO Cinema Starling Mall watching a 4D movie - Star Wars, The Last Jedi.

4D Movie: 4D film or 4-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, temperature changes, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few centimeters during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Auditorium effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smell. Source: Wikipedia

3D film? The screen only feature 2D film plus no 3D spectacles? But did feel the chair move, wind blowing, strobe lights, water spray, something poking the buttocks, and slight smell if my nose did not fail me.

If you enjoy that, be prepared to shell out some extra ringgits for the 4D effects.

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