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Monday, December 18, 2017

Damansara Uptown carpool by Waze

Let us hope this Waze Carpool innovation happens quickly and solve Uptown Damansara roadside carpark problems soon. With the new Starling mall many carpark bays, Uptown perpetual roadside parking problem could be solved, if only Malaysians are more willing to walk or use See Hoy Chan's Uptown shuttle vans.

Another Uptown roadside parking "solver" would be metered parking limited to maximum 2 hours. This hope is dashed by MBPJ adoption of the carpark coupons for roadside parking. With these coupons, one can put unlimited carpark coupons to park the whole day or more.

In the early 2000s, I had hoped that "Uptowners" would use Rideshare to carpool but this hope was dashed by See Hoy Chan's refusal to publicize Rideshare.

But now we have a new hope to solve Uptown roadside parking problems - Waze Carpool. And with Waze now considering Waze Carpool ads, plus the eternal hope of Uptown businesses adopting the Waze ads and then "selfishly" working to promote Waze Carpool, it would spread usage of the Waze Carpool.

Update 25th December 2017: Waze Carpool is still in the testing stage and not yet released to the public in Malaysia.

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