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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine highlighted in the Sun Daily

Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine was highlighted at the Sun Daily today.

Mamalee was started by the Khoo family from Penang and features nice Malaysian cuisine with a Penang twist. Mamalee kitchen produces mouth watering dishes like Nasi Lemak salted egg fried chicken (RM12) and Nasi Lemak butter milk fried chicken (RM13), All dishes are cooked fresh plus fluffy steamed rice.

Another dish to try is the restaurant's jiu hu char (RM5). Made with a humble blend of finely shredded jicama, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and morsels of chicken meat, and cooked in a pan with a sauce till aromatic, the dish might appear like regular popiah filling but the addition of cuttlefish truly elevates it into a fuller flavour profile. This dish has received a thumbs up from a foodie i know personally.

If you love the pungent taste of garlic, you will also love Mamalee's chicken lobak (RM5).

By the way, one fresh news not hightlighted by the Sun Daily is the fact that Mamalee has rented the mezzanine floor next door (29M Jalan SS21/37) to expand as their lunch crowd is so big, they needed more space to house the crowd.

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