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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starling birds murmuration - reasons for Starling Mall name.

Starling birds are little social songbirds which tend to flock together. See Hoy Chan, the developer of the Starling Mall wants their boutique mall to be a place for

Because wants people (which are also social creatures) gather together, they have created lots of open air parks with grass and trees at both ground floor as well as the top floor where MBO cinema is located. See Hoy Chan, the developer, called their parks the Chirp Park.

The Uptown Secret Garden's koi pond had been filled up and now feature an open stage with grassland for people to gather for events.

BTW it is very interesting to see how starling birds fly together in murmuration (flock) and below I will embed a video which I initially obtained from a Whatsapp chat which was then uploaded to Youtube plus some "no known copyright restrictions" photos from Flickr showing the starling bird as well as murmuration (flock):

No... these aren't storm clouds.
They are tiny songbirds known as starlings.
Starlings flock together in thousands.
Their shifting movements are called "murmurations".
How can they fly so close without bumping into each others?
It's a mysterious miracle!
The mystery has fascinated scientists in many fields.
Biologists, physicists, and engineers have all tried to solve the problem.
One theory is that individuals birds follow their neighbors' lead
There are nearly 120 species of starlings.
You can find multiple starling species within the same murmuration.
During murmuration, starlings are constantly on the move.
The unpredictablility of their shapes is a mesmerizing phenomenon.

Producer: Lauren Sharmo
Video Source: Reuters.

starling bird

Starling murmuration or flock

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