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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

See Hoy Chan & Uptown going for listing?

Paramount Gardens, See Hoy Chan and Bandar Utama are all owned by the scions of the late China born Teo Soo Cheng (but all are independent of each other with no one of the 3 companies owing share of the other 2. Paramount Gardens is already listed on the KLSE so it is no surprise that there other 2 may including SHCSB want to list theirs as well.

So it was no surprise when there were rumors that speculated SHCSB may w`ant to go for listing on the KLSE when the whole of Damansara Uptown is fully developed. Is now the time when the last plot of empty land is being developed into Uptown 8, an office tower?

If news of this new update on See Hoy Chan and Uptown Damansara as reported in is accurate then this SHCSB will soon become a reality:

It had been reported that See Hoy Chan is seeking a senior REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) manager to spearhead the listing of See Hoy Chan properties into a REIT on Bursar Malaysia.

Will that come to pass? Only time will tell but I am guessing that will be a reality soon as SHCSB already have enough assets to justify a listing.

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