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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Floover Loose Lay anti-skid vinyl tiles from Flortek

My house living-dining room tiles uses polished ceramic tiles which is very slippery when wet. Our maid mopped the floor so the floor was wet. I slipped and fell and that was when I decided to do something. My initial step is to buy a WET FLOOR sign to warn people when the floor is wet and slippery. However, I want to go one better - search for anti-slip vinyl tiles solution and I found it in FLOOVER anti-slip vinyl tiles.

The good thing about Floover Loose lay anti-skid vinyl tiles is that it only need a flat surface and are not glued to the floor. We have a bad experience where our tenant installed carpet on the staircase without asking our permission. And when they left, the carpet was removed and it left behind ugly glue remnants spots which are impossible to remove completely and we likely will also install anti-slip vinyl tiles with aluminium step nosing on the staircase.

For our home, we installed Floover loose lay anti-slip vinyl tiles from Flortek

The sales person Choy was very professional and they did a good job including providing support. Our only minor irritation is our living room faces the rising sun so we had to pull down the blinds to cut off the sunlight as the UV light may cause color fading. However we were told it is a minor problem as the fading would only be slight.

However, because our windows are not well protected from the rain, each time it rain we had to close the windows. My fear is the if the floor is wet, capillary action my cause the rainwater to seep to below the vinyl tiles. Our concerns were also lessened when Choy says the gap is very tight so this would be a minor problem.

We had a small problem - we had different color for the steps but the topmost vertical step tile color was matched with the landing floor and not the rest of the step. We asked for this to be corrected and Choy kindly consented and helped us change. Plus provided us a few spare vinyl tiles as spare for the future.

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