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Monday, June 24, 2019

Coffee Ritual by Jin Yi (uptown) experience

Don't know why but suddenly had the urge to try brew own coffee. Had been drinking Nescafe all along but heard that it may not be healthy as one does not know what kind of chemicals Nestle might have added to the mix. As I often go to Damansara Uptown, I decided to check out Coffee Ritual (Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual). It was easy to find as when one first come out from the back entrance of the Starling Mall, right in front you would see Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual:

Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual as seen from Starling mall back entrance

At the staircase entrance, walk up 1 floor to the mezzanine floor. I was met by a very friendly lady - Hoh Ee Mei. I needed a coffee grinder and she recommended the Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus Coffee Grinder:

Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

I told her I will be using a french press and she told me the proper grind size of the coffee powder should be coarse. Plus she helped me set the coffee grinder to the coarse setting. Ee Mei also taught me the proper way to brew coffee including the correct temperature of the water. So I decided to buy a thermometer as well. She recommended the Cafede Kona Analog Thermometer 9121:

Cafede Kona Analog Thermometer 9121

Conclusion: My experience at Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual is very pleasant, very positive. Plus if you want a very good cup of coffee, Coffee Ritual is also a good place to get it.

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